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MSWJ – Regulations


1.The Competition is open to singers and vocal bands.
2. The participants may practice any kind of jazz singing.
3. The candidates are requested to submit the following:
a/ a demo CD, DVD with a precise description of the recording ( a songwriter, author of lyrics), including at least 20 minutes of music performance. The performances are not restricted in terms of style, however, each participant is required to perform one jazz piece, one blues piece and a ballad.
b/artistic CV with a photograph.
c/ application form including basic data, i.e. address, telephone number, education, etc.
Application deadline is 20th August.
4. Based on the received documents (referred to in point 3) a Qualifying Committee set up by the Organisers will choose the participants. The final decision of the Committee will have been communicated in written by 25th August. The candidate application material will become the property of the Organisers.
5. The Organisers provide the participants with an accompanying band (piano, contrabass, drums) for the rehearsals as well as the competition performances. Participants may also accompany themselves at any instrument, if such is the case.
6. Before any performance, the participants may rehearse with the accompanying band. The time allocated for rehearsal may be used in accordance with the participants’ suggestions, following the advice of the director of the festival.
7. The competition is divided into two stages: in the first one, each participant is required to perform at least three pieces in any language or a SKAT (standard, blues, ballad). The total performance time should not exceed 20 minutes. After the first stage, the Jury will decide which participants will be admitted to the second stage. In the second stage, the participants may perform a repertoire of their own choice; however the 20 minute time limit applies. Competition performances take place in front of the public. The order of performances is decided in a draw.
8. The participation in rehearsals and concerts for the participants is free of charge. Performing in fringe events might be possible.
9. The organisers provide the participants with a/ accommodation for the duration of the festival b/ free entry for all festival events.
10. The participants will not claim the rights to any fee for radio and TV broadcasting, live or not, of the festival material. The organisers retain the rights to use this material.
11. The competition is judged by an international Jury set up by the organisers. It reaches its verdict by a secret vote.
12. Organising office retains the right of final interpretation of the provisions of these regulations and requests the participants of observing them.

ORGANIZER: Jazz Club Kosz
Application send to:
Stowarzyszenie Zamojski Klub Jazzowy im.Mieczysława Kosza
22-400 Zamość, ul. Szczebrzeska 3
or via mail: